A system that is at home in any property and performs tasks with ease


Software designed for staff with any level of technical expertise

Cost Effective

An immense reduction in the time staff spends daily on packages

The latest technology for your condo or apartment property
Saves you time and improves resident communications

Notify Residents Quickly and Easily

Email & Text Messages

Notify residents about packages instantly

Residents can sign up to receive e-mail or txt message (sms) notifications when packages are available for them. These messages are included in your monthly plan. With ReceivingRoom you don't need to manage resident preferences for notifications, instead they sign up securely and can update or unsubscribe at any time. No more updating spreadsheets and handling phone calls about changing phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Digital Signage

Inform residents in your lobby or mailroom

An additional way to reach residents and let them know that they have a package is to display units with packages on a tv screen in a common area such as a lobby or mailroom. Implement this simple TV solution and don't think twice about all the paper you're saving.

Mailbox Slips

Notify residents the traditional way, but without the effort

Not sure your residents are ready to go paperless? You're not alone and ReceivingRoom has you covered. Use a receipt printer to quickly print slips for mailboxes. A compatible model can be purchased for less than $300 and you print directly from the tablet app. No need to configure desktop computers or web browsers, it just works!

It's as easy as Scan, Send, Sign.

Our software app is designed to work quickly and smoothly. Logging packages, notifying residents and accepting signatures should be fast. Each package managed shouldn't require forms of information to filled out, waiting for web pages to load, and picking up a mouse - that's just not efficient.

Log new packages

Just pick up the barcode scanner and scan the barcode on the package, confirm the unit on the tablet and move on to the next package. Tracking large numbers of packages is fast. There is no need to spend time filling out webpage forms with on screen keyboards or using tablet cameras to try and take photos of every barcode or label, those slow processes quickly add up.

Notify residents

Once you're scanned in a delivery of packages, residents with new packages can be instantly notified at the press of a button. Residents receive e-mail or text messages letting them know a package is ready for them. You can optionally use a television display or print mailbox slips to notify residents in other ways.

Release packages

Residents can sign for packages on the tablet at pickup or re-delivery. Packages can also be release by staff for bulk re-deliveries.

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