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The Process is Easy

Saving time and money shouldn't be difficult or expensive

The ReceivingRoom system is so easy to implement and even the most non-technical staff can feel comfortable using it. We provide a simple visual step-by-step guide on how to get started so that you can be up and running in minutes.

Low monthly rates include text messages and e-mail services, storage of package data, package reports, and web information access for residents and staff.

Purchasing compatible equipment is economical, using a brand-name Android tablet model available from a variety of retailers. We test and recommend models that work well.

Property managers, staff, and residents love ReceivingRoom. Here are a few of the reasons why.


Because it's a native software app you aren't constantly waiting for web pages to load, filling out scrolling forms of data for each package, or worrying about the next wi-fi hiccup.

The app works seamlessly, even if you need to step out of wi-fi range to scan or deliver packages.

Because it is a tablet you don't need to bring each package to a desktop computer, or ask residents to sign blindly on a separate signature pad.

Low Maintenance

Who wants to maintain spreadsheets or enter and remove resident e-mail and mobile phone numbers each day? Not our customers.

With a self-service approach residents can securely sign up and manage their e-mail and txt msg preferences.

There's no need for problematic integrations with software systems for resident data, the residents can just sign up online.


The app is extremely easy to use and is designed to make the package process fast and accurate.

Common tracking barcodes are automatically deciphered into carriers and type of service.

Notifying residents via e-mail and text message, a television monitor, and even printed mailbox slips takes only seconds each day.

Low Cost

Thinking about purchasing an expensive Apple iPad just to manage packages, only to find limited options attaching a barcode scanner?

Frustrated by trying to scan barcodes using a camera instead of a real barcode scanner, and repeating it 100 times in a row?

ReceivingRoom runs on quality Android tablets for a fraction of the cost, and you can connect a barcode scanner for fast accurate input of tracking number information.

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