Track your condo or apartment building packages with ease.

What is it?

Receiving Room is a hybrid tablet application and web portal for managing packages that are delivered to a building staff member and held until pickup by a resident. Receiving Room can also be used by businesses that have a receiving facility that must then redistribute packages to various departments or offices. A typical building uses one or two inexpensive Android tablets to log new packages and to allow residents to sign for delivery electronically. The system is customizable to allow for implementation with various units: apartments, condos, departments, staff, etc.

Why use it?

With Receiving Room you have the freedom to choose your property management software and still use Receiving Room to handle the package management. Unlike most software options, with Receiving Room you aren't tethered to a desktop computer for receiving packages and you don't have to pickup a mouse and keyboard to answer several questions per package. Simply use a tablet and scan the barcode of each incoming package, our smart software will automatically determine the shipping carrier and service for most common packages. Once the packages are logged, the intended recipients can be notified electronically via e-mail or text message (SMS). Notifications can also be made via electronic display (television) and various printer options.

How do we start?

The software is designed with the non-technical user in mind and it's flexibility means it can integrate into your current package workflow while offering you powerful new features that can be implemented when you're ready. We'll set up your account and help you get started. There is no software to install on your computer. See the features for additional information.